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    Videos of Featured Speakers

Energy for the Power of 32 Event Welcome: Greg Babe

Presentation of Regional Energy Baseline: Jerry Paytas

“America’s regions poised to lead energy future. What other regions are doing that the P32 region can too…energy plan and strategy” – Ted Ford

“Innovating a 21st Century low carbon, energy economy” – Robyn Beavers

“Policy Frameworks: Accounting for public health, climate change, and leveraging win-wins of energy innovation” – Dr. Neil Donahue

“Grid Stability – keeping the lights on as we move to a new distributed energy future” – Dr. Gregory Reed

“Keeping Score on Energy Efficiency – a strategy to generate cost-savings, promote technological innovation, and stimulate growth” – Annie Gilleo

"Designing Energy Systems for Health" - Aaron Bernstein, M.D., M.P.H.